Wood Tiles Bathroom

Wood Tiles Bathroom | Bathroom tile design ideas are some of the easiest and quite a few rewarding projects you, like a homeowner, can perform. Tile is inexpensive, looks solid and upscale and is also actually not hard! Really, if you have never caused ceramic or granite tile, you need to give it a shot. A bathroom floor could be tiled by 1 or 2 people in a very weekend for a couple of hundred dollars, along with your vanity for much, a smaller amount.

And, if you have never studied the tile displays within the big boxes, well… drop the mouse and obtain within the car! You’ll see many ideas, from simple wall displays to entire areas, with soft blended colors to vibrant multicolor displays using different sized tiles and textures. The folks at those big boxes are available to aid, and showing potential prospects how to tile is truly one of their jobs.

You will need to prepare, out of the box with most remodel projects, but once you tile something, you’ll search for other rooms and areas to place new-found skills to utilize in. Its that much fun! And, you will find that all of the materials, like the tile themselves, have become inexpensive. Tile, as an illustration, could be purchased available for sale for just $ 1 each (for the 12″x12″ ceramic tile). These are usually earth tones and soft colors, and not always. So, in case you are tiling a tiny bath, say 8’x5′, you have been looking at spending around $50!

Of course, that’s simply for the tiles. You still have to purchase the backer board (3 – 3’x5′ boards = $35) and the grout (($15 – $20) and rent a tile saw (another $50). There will be other expenses, but you is able to see the price factor is at your favor. Before you start to tally in the materials and make a cost sheet, however, spend an afternoon surfing. Search tile ideas, creative tile bathroom or see what’s there for the particular style. A search for tuscan tile ideas or black white tile design, especially in Google Images, will return thousands of ideas! Your imagination rules here.

And, remember the youngsters. In fact, if the little darlings have their own own bathroom, that could be the area to start your tiling DIY career! While most tile tasks are relatively easy, there is a learning curve if it is your first time. Don’t worry, tile is forgiving also, since its installed one tile during a period, is fairly simple to correct as you go. Get wild within the kid’s bath and nobody will spot the few flaws and mistakes you’re making. BTW – search kid bath tile or animal bath tile and discover how wild you could be! There are even themes you could think about. A Barbie bath, perhaps?

Besides tile, naturally, there are several other items you can perform to give the toilet a facelift that won’t hurt you wallet. Replacing the vanity or sink, getting new shower curtains, adding plants, pots and art are typical easy, doable projects you can perform rather than or with your tiling. Painting the walls could be the simplest, cheapest as well as perhaps most noticeable thing you can perform. And if you browse the return table with the do-it-yourself retailers – the big boxes – you’ll sometimes find plenty of returned gallons for $5 or $10! These were returned due to wrong color, shade or satin finish and the buyer needed semi-gloss. Whatever. You can find some really wild colors here.

New lamps are around for around $20 – $30 each in brass, chrome and many other finishes. There are attractive styles, even at these prices, and adding a brighter lighting system makes anything else look better. Window treatments, faux paint, new mirrors and in many cases adding towel racks with new, coordinated color towels produces a huge difference… especially in a very small space as being a bathroom.

So, put on your creative hat and obtain thinking! Set a budget you’ll be able to embrace and begin perusing the ‘net and the retailers. For more information, tips and ideas check out and select BATHROOM IDEAS. There you’ll see these and also other ideas explored further. A bathroom remodel could be the perfect remodel project for fall, and may be only the thing to impress your guests this holidays!


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